Documents, photos, emails, texts, videos, data and other records.
Everything in this request box will be displayed publicly if the agency makes your request public.


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All Public Records Requests are fulfilled in compliance with Massachusetts Public Records Laws, MGL, Chapter 66, Section 10 and the Acts of 2016, Chapter 121.

To enable staff to respond to your request as efficiently as possible, please remember:

Do not include any confidential information such as birthdate or social security number.

Be as specific as possible about the records you are seeking.

Include a date range for the records you are seeking.

All responses will be electronic unless other arrangements are made.

Watch your email inbox and junk/spam folder for messages.


If collecting, preparing, and redacting the requested documents will take more than two (2) hours, the Town may charge for labor at the hourly rate of the lowest paid employee able to perform the duties, up to $25 per hour.

The Town is permitted to charge $.05 per paper copy and actual reproduction costs for unique items such as full-size plans.

Payment of applicable fees is required before fulfilling a request.


Some records maintained by the Town are exempt from public disclosure. If such records are requested, the Town will notify the requester of the specific exemption per Massachusetts laws and redact confidential information.


If you are looking for copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates, please see the Town Clerk’s Office webpage at Order Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates.


The Agawam Town Clerk’s Office and the Agawam Law Department serve as Records Access Officer for the Town of Agawam and may be contacted at or 413-786-0400.